16 Nov

WADNROID demostrating in a College on 30th Oct 2012

WADNROID Demonstration
WANDROID a robot from Waayoo.com had a demostration in ITM college lucknow on 30th Oct 2012.

Students from ITM learned about advanced robotic system and its applications in consumer world by interacting with various Waayoo Robots.


Technical Features of W-Android-
. W-Android is developed for Telepurchase marketing.
. W-Android can walk,talk,respond to your questions and many other
things it can do.
. We can Control this robot by wireless remote or Android phone.
. Arm processing,Obstacle avoidance,voice recording and other mechanisms
are used to build this robot.
. MicroController,Sensors,LCD Displays,I/O and Sensors Interfacing,
Infra red Sensors,Stepper & Servo Motor Controlling with microcontroller
are used in W-Android.
. Programming of W-Android Robot in Embedded C,Controlling LCD, SSD,
Real World Interfacing to microcontroller and Advanced Programming Concept is used.
. Ultrasonic Transmitter Reciever is used to Control W-Android via remote .

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