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About waayoo

Waayoo's thorough aim is to raise the educational standard by various practical means. Waayoo conducts workshops, provides industrial training in * Autonomous Robotics, * Humanoid Robotics, * Embedded System, * PLC-SCADA, * VLSI - VHDL * Linux System Programming, * Linux Device Driver Development * Embedded Linux , * Computer Vision * Android Mobile Application Development, * Industrial Web Application Development (Java, GWT, Spring, Hibernate, MVC) and project development assistance to students/professionals/Researchers Also, Waayoo provides Sponsorships and Supports for National Level Technical Events and Project Development. Waayoo.com Sales department provides online selling of all kind of Robotics and Embedded Solutions/kits & Components 24*7 through website waayoo.com Facebook Links www.facebook.com/waayoo www.facebook.com/waayoodotcom Waayoo.com Links http://www.waayoo.com/ http://www.wtp.waayoo.com/ (Winter Training Programs) http://www.training.waayoo.com/ (All Training Programs) http://www.workshops.waayoo.com/(Waayoo Workshops) Emails -: contact@waayoo.com sales@waayoo.com call us at 9616420235, 9807507429