08 Sep

Free Workshops at Waayoo Lucknow Center

Free Workshop -:
Waayoo presents Free Workshops on every Weekends Saturday & Sunday.
Join Now to learn new Technologies.Register Now. Limited Seats!

Workshop Schedule

Visit Waayoo Lucknow center and confirm your seat today.

Alternatively you can register at http://register.waayoo.com and write Free Workshop – workshop name in the course info. while filling the online form.

For more information Call +91 9616420235, 9807507429
or send Email to contact@waayoo.com


03 Sep

Waayoo Student Coordinator Program 2012-2013

Waayoo Student Coordinator

Waayoo Student Coordinators are a direct link between Students and Waayoo, who are alloted by Waayoo on Institute basis with a max. no. of  4 in a particular Institute. There is no special criteria for the selection of coordinators. Any student who is interested can be a part of it by simply filling a Waayoo Coordinator Form.


Sincerity and dedication of students in their respective field is the only thing which waayoo take in to account for the selection of coordinators.

There are 2 scheme for the College Coordinators -:

  • Silver Coordinators 
  • Gold Coordinators
Silver Coordinators – When you apply for a coordinator, you start as a Silver Coordinator.
Tasks of Silver Coordinators Includes -
  • Providing Waayoo’s Latest Information about new products, Training & Workshop programs to your college, department and Colleagues.
  • Organizing Waayoo Workshops in various Technologies at waayoo centers and your college/department.

Benefits for Silver Coordinators 

  • Silver Coordinator can take part in any 2 of the Waayoo Training & Development Programs for free.
  • Waayoo support for you to work on your Ideas or Project.
  • If Silver Coordinator performs well, he/she can be a Gold Coordinator
Tasks of Gold Coordinators Includes -
  • Managing Silver Coordinators in your institute.
  • Inspiring your junior colleagues to work in a better and efficient way towards technology
  • Organizing various Waayooo Events/Competitions/Workshops

Benefits for Gold Coordinators 

  • Gold Coordinator can work with Waayoo as an Intern, which facilitate them to get an experience letter of parent  company Vaskoe Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
  • Waayoo support for you to work on your Ideas or Project.
  • Join any 2 of  Waayoo’s Advanced Training/Workshops for free.


For more information –  send email to contact@waayoo.com or call us at +91 9616420235, 9807507429