12 Aug

Quadrocopter Stability Testing by Waayoo Students at Lucknow Center

A Student Team at Waayoo during their Quadrocopter building Training, is testing their Quadrocopter’s stability in Testing hall at Waayoo Lucknow Center.

Integrated with a 3 rate 1000dps Digital Gyroscp[e and 3 Axis Digital Accelerometer, They are building it right from scratch with their own Quadrotor board. Autonomous Vertical Takeoff and Landing(VTOL) and Autonomous Waypoint is what they want this quadrocopter to perform.

Quadrocopter Student Team at Waayoo Workhsop

A Group of students at Waayoo at Quadrotor Development Program

Their enhanced version will be posted soon on Waayoo blog – http://blog.waayoo.com

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