10 Sep

Robotics Workshops for Schools


Robotics Workshops for School Students in India by Waayoo.com

Since 2011, Waayoo has conducted several workshops in engineering colleges in India.

Now Waayoo is offering onsite workshops for school students too. We have designed some workshops which will help students to understand basics of robotics, how robot work? how they think? What is Logic? What is programming? every thing is covered in these workshops.

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) is urging schools to take active part in the World Robot Olympiad (WRO) – Times of India

From this news we can understand that schools are also focusing on Robotics education in India now. But how do they start? We have a solution for you.
We have come up with some levels of robotics workshops.
Level 1 – Autonomous Robotics

  • Non programmable robotics workshop for students of class 5th – 8th
  • Arduino based Programmable Robotics workshops for students of class 9th to 12th.
Workshop Details

For any query feel free to call us at +91 8400300415(workshops) or +91 9616420235(general) or drop email to contact@waayoo.com

08 Sep

Onsite Workshops 2016 by Waayoo.com

Throughout the year Waayoo’s development team is busy in the development of some innovative products for market. Same expert team is also involved in introducing some of the great training and workshop programs in Waayoo’s offering.



This year 2016 Waayoo has included several innovative workshops including VisionRobotics with OpenCV RaspberryPi, CNC, 3D Printer, Ornithopter Bird, Spherical Drone workshops and much more. We love to spread these knowledge to our younger ones and juniors.

Waayoo Workshops List

SNo. Robotics Embedded System Drone/UAV/Aeromodelling
1 Humanoid Biped Robotics GPS-GSM Tracking System Quadrocopter UAV
2 Hexapod Robotics RFID based Access System Deltawing plane
3 Robotic Arm Finger print based Access System RC Jet
4 Animatronic Hand Solar Tracking Device Aeroplane
5 Micromouse Robot IVRS System Ornithopter Bird
6 Selfbalancing Robotics Home Automation
7 Speech Controlled Robotics Internet of Things(IOT)
8 Swarm Robotics Raspberrypi
9 Mind Controlled Robotics ARM Microcontroller
10 Vision Robotics with PC/OpenCV PIC Microcontroller
11 Vision Robotics with Android/OpenCV AVR Microcontroller
12 Vision Robotics with Raspberrypi/OpenCV Arduino
13 CNC Machine MSP430 Microcontroller
Wireless Communication

For inviting Waayoo team to your campus, you can drop email to workshop@waayoo.com or call on +91 8400300415