15 May

Most Advanced Robotics Training Programs in India by Waayoo.com

Waayoo.com(an Educational Div. of Vaskoe Technologies Private Limited) India’s First Machine Learning based Robotics Company, is offering Robotics Training Programs since 2009 in several cities in India.

Candidates from different part of India come to join Waayoo’s Robotics Training Programs.Last Summer Trainings also met candidates from neighboring countries including Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Bhutan, who enjoyed their training at Waayoo.com Noida, Lucknow, Chandigarh and Summer Camps.

This year Waayoo is again back with some exciting and unique Robotics Training Programs.

 Humanoid Robotics  - drew attention from all kind of people due to its design, flexibility and complexity involved in builiding and more specifically in programming the humanoid for solving complex equations of mechanics involved. It’s always a fun to make humanoid bots which can do a range of  motions – Running, Walking, Flipping, Dancing and Acrobatics.Waayoo is offering Humanoid Robotics Training Programs in Summer Training, Winter Training and Industrial Training Sessions.

 Quadrocopter UAV Robotics  - Why do we call Quadrotor a Robot? It’s  simply due to its Artificial Intelligence capabilities. Waayoo provides training in Quadrocopter UAV development which emphasis on selecting the right combination of parts like bldc, esc, propellers, lipo, microcontroller for your quadrotor and development of efficient algorithms for balancing your quad in air.

Quadrotor design brings Robotics, Embedded design, Aerodynamics and Control System  concepts into a single platform, which makes it a highly sophisticated roboics task.

Quadrotor training is available during Summer Training & Internship Program.

Vision Robotics  Vision Robotics Training Program by Waayoo.com takes you one step further in the field of Robotics. Vision Robotics brings real time image processing task to robots for motion control, automatic navigation and artificial intelligence.

 GPS-GSM Robotics  Global Positioning System has become widely accepted technology for finding the position of devices in terms of geo-coordinates. Outdoor localization of Robots is a challenging task in the field of robotics. Waayoo offers training program in GPS based Systems to create a Robot which can follow a map based on input from a remote station. GPS-GSM Robotics is also being used in advanced localization of our quadrotor which can return back to home after completing the assign task.

For More information on latest available programs by Waayoo.com visit page www.stp.waayoo.com or drop email to contact@waayoo.com

02 Jan

Learning Electronics & Embedded Systems Design

Embedded System

An Embedded system is a system, that has a computing device embedded into it. An embedded system is some combination of computer hardware and software, either fixed in capability or programmable, that is specifically designed for a particular function. industrial machines, automobiles, medical equipment, cameras, household appliances, airplanes, vending machines and toys (as well as the more obvious cellular phone and PDA) are among the myriad possible hosts of an embedded system.

Embedded systems that are programmable are provided with programming interfaces, and embedded systems programming is a specialized occupation.


  • BUSSES (Data, Address, Input/output)
  • SYSTEM CLOCK – Steps µC / µP Through Each Instruction
  • READ ONLY MEMORY (ROM): Permanently Loaded With Instructions (FIRMWARE)
  • COMMUNICATIONS CIRCUITRY – Ethernet Port, Printer Port, Communications Port (RS232c, RS485, RS422, IEEE488), SPI, I2C etc.


  •  Automatic Teller Machines or ATM’s & Bank Vaults
  • Automotive & Automobile Engine Management systems:  Electronic Dashboards
  • Blue Tooth enabled Network Synchronization Applications
  • Control Systems (Manufacturing, Cryogenics, Electric Power)
  • Controls for Digital Equipment:  CD Players, TV Remote, Programmable Sprinklers, Household Appliances, etc.
  • Computer motherboards (BIOS chips, RTCs)
  • Global Positioning and Navigation Systems
  • Household Appliances
  • Medical instrument’s controls – CT scanners, MRI Scanners, ECG, Pacemakers and implanted pumps, implanted heart monitors, etc.
  • Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems
  • Telecommunications (Private Branch Exchanges, Custom Premises Equipment)








Which Microcontroller to Choose for your Embedded Work Start


15 Nov

Bring a coupon of Waayoo & Get Discount up to 100%

Bring Coupon of Waayoo and Get  Discount on Each Waayoo Winter Training Program 2012-13

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Winter Training Programs are scheduled for

  • DEC 2012,
  • JAN 2013,
  • FEB 2013.

Waayoo is offering Winter Training Program for Working Professionals and college students in following Technologies & Fields

• Autonomous Robotics
• Humanoid Robotics
• Robotic Arm Desing
• Quadrocopter UAV
• Vision Robotics
• GPS/GSM Robotics
Electronics & Embedded Design
• Embedded System
• Advanced Embedded Design
• Digital Signal Processing
• Digital Filter Design
• Linux Administration
• Linux System Programming
• Linux Device Drivers
• Embedded Linux with ARM
• RTOS RTLinux
• Android Mobile Application Development
• Android System Programming
Web & Software Development
• Java & GWT Development
• ASP.net & C# Development
• PHP based Development
• Website Designing Package
• MATLAB & Simulink
• Image Processing with MATLAB
• Image Processing with OpenCV
CAD & Design
• Autocad
• Catia
For more information about Winter Training Program Visit:
To Get a Coupon Contact Waayoo Offices
call us at +91 9807507429, 9616420235 or send email to:contact@waayoo.com
visit website: www.waayoo.com or www.facebook.com/waayoodotcom
Lucknow Main Office:
Waayoo.com,LGF 11/12,
Narayan Plaza,Near Domino’s Pizza,
Engineering College Chauraha,
Lucknow,Uttar Pradesh.

18 Sep

New Schedule for Free Weekends Wokshop by Waayoo


Free Practical Workshops by Waayoo at Lucknow Center.

September 2012 Schedule
 15 Sept Robotics, Embedded System
 16 Sept Android Mobile Application Development, Web Application Development with PHP
 22 Sept Autonomous Robotics, Embedded System Design
23 Sept Linux System Programming, Web Application Development with Java + GWT
 29 Sept Vision Robotics, MATLAB
 30 Sept Autocad, Android Mobile Application Development
October 2012 Schedule
 6 Oct
Arduino Workshop, Wireless Robotics
7 Oct
Android Mobile Application Development, Linux Pogramming
13 Oct
USB Design with PIC Micro and .Net,  Gesture Controllable System Design
14 Oct Hibernate and Spring- Enterprise Web Development,  PHP advanced and Social Networking
20 Oct Bluetooth and Microcontroller based design,  Zigbee Communication
21 Oct Android Mobile Application Workshop,  Linux Programming
27 Oct VHDL Workshop,  PLC Automation Workshop
28 Oct Embedded Linux,  Linux Kernel Development

New schedule for Free Weekends Workshops by Waayoo in  September  and October 2012.  For registration fill the form at http://register.waayoo.com

 Kindly mention all information correctly and do not forget to write the workshop name along with the workshop date in the Course Information

For any query feel free to call us at +91 9616420235, 9807507429 or send email to contact@waayoo.com