15 Nov

Waayoo Internship & Industrial Training Program 2014

Waayoo Internship & Industrial Training Program 2014 presents Scholarship Test on Dec 20th, 2014 for Internship and scholarship in Advanced Robotics, Advanced Embedded Design, Embedded Linux, Android Development, Artificial Intelligence, Image Processing and Internet Marketing.

Waayoo Internship Program (WIP)

WIP is conducted twice every year for 6 months in following topics –

  • Advanced Robotics
  • Advanced Embedded Design
  • Embedded Linux and Device Drivers
  • Artificial Intelligence and Image Processing
  • Android Mobile based Development
  • Internet Marketing
Test/Interview are conducted as below -
   January – June Internship -: conducted in 3rd week of December
   July – December Internship -: conducted in 3rd week of  June
What Waayoo is offering?
S.No.  Offer Certificate Your Score
1 Stipend based Internship Internship & Part Time Job Certificate Above 90% Score
2 Free Industrial Training Internship & Indsutrial Training Certificate b/w 80%-90%
3 20-80% Discount in Training Fee Industrial Training Certificate b/w 20%-80%
How can i register?
Just send an email to internship@waayoo.com with following information.
Full Name -
Contact No. -
Email Id -
College -
Latest C.V. with detailed information about projects/work done by you.
Industrial Training Programs
Waayoo Industrial Training Programs starts from December to Feburary and runs for a period of 4-6 months. Industrial Training packages are specially designed Job oriented packages.
Latest Schedule & Training information can be found at www.training.waayoo.com
CONTACT Information
For more information kindly visit www.waayoo.com or send your queries to internship@waayoo.com or training@waayoo.com
+91 9871978793, 9807507429
Waayoo Noida
C-32, Sec-2, Besides Niraula’s Hotel
Noida.(Near Sec-15 Metro Station)Waayoo Lucknow
LGF-11/12, Narayan Plaza, Near Domino’s,
Engineering College Chauraha, Aliganj
01 Dec

Android Application & System Programming – Why & How

Android Mobile Application Development & System Programming – An Article by Waayoo.com

What is Android?

Android is the world’s most popular mobile platform. Android is itself Linux-based Operating System specially designed for Smartphones and Tablet computers. Android is being developed by Google and Open Handset Alliance. Important thing is that, Android is an open source project released under Apache License. Unveiled in 2007 Android is being maintained and developed  further  by Android Open Source Project(AOSP) supported by Google. Android provides a huge scope for development of innovative apps and already has a large community of developers writing applications that extend the functionality of devices, written primarily in Java language with Android API and SDK provided by Google.

Market Trend
Google supplies its mobile platform, Android, to a large number of mobile manufacturers. Notable amongst them are Samsung and HTC apart from numerous other smaller manufacturers.  With Samsung becoming the largest seller of Smartphones across the globe, so has Android become the largest platform being used across the globe.

World’s leading IT research and advisory company Gartner says that the Android mobile phone market is growing at an impressive rate of 32% every month and the world has already seen 50,000 plus Android apps being developed.

Android‘s overall smartphone market share has jumped to 72.4% in Q3 2012, up from 52.5% in the same period last year

So What & How can I develop Android Applications?

As a smartphone operating system android open source project provides you everything you require to develop applications based on android mobile devices. In short its a small computing device in your hand and you can use it  anywhere you can. There can be numerous applications  like below –

  • Controlling a Robot right from your Android Phone by using its touchscreen and sensors
  • Controlling Home Appliances from your Android Phone
  • Human Body Monitoring System
  • Bluetooth based multiplayer Games like Chess, Racing or other
  • Barcode Scanner for your products
  • Image Processing or Vision based Applications
  • Android based Oscilloscope
What should you know to develop Android Applications?
New learners often face a problem that what options(language, tools) are available to start developing applications for android phone. The main objective of this article and future series are to provide you information about all available possibilities to get started with android application development so that you can decide which option is better and more easy to start developing your own application for android.
The options available are -:
  1. Java (For developers familiar with Java)Android Application can be developed using Java language and Apps runs on Android Platform with the help of a virtual machine (Dalvik VM) similar to that of JVM
  2. flex (Android applications in Flash)
  3. C or C++ (native applications – applications that run directly on hardware- requires Android NDK to build applications)
Android System Programming
Android System Level Programming is more about changing in Kernel Sources, Building customize device driver, compiling, loading and booting Android kernel on ARM based  embedded development board and related stuffs. To program at system level you should have fine knowledge in Linux, C/C++, Java, JNI and Embedded things.
For your Applications – Depending on the kind of application you should decide to use Java or C/C++.I’d use C/C++ for anything that requires above average computational power and games — Java for the rest.

How can you Learn All the things just at one place ? Yes Waayoo is there for you
Waayoo comes up with a very exciting Android Training Package for everybody.
This package provides you all things Software & Hardware tools and kits at one place.
Now you can develop Android Mobile Applications in Java and Also Android System Programming by building your Android System from scratch on Embedded Platforms.
Package includes Free Java and Linux Sessions for those who hadn’t done any work on Java and Linux so far.
This winter this special Waayoo package can help you get some heat!!!
Seats are limited in number, so you can have a query with waayoo on +91 9616420235, 9807507429. or send email to contact@waayoo.com
Visit us at http://waayoo.com Find us on facebook at www.facebook.com/waayoodotcom



15 Nov

Bring a coupon of Waayoo & Get Discount up to 100%

Bring Coupon of Waayoo and Get  Discount on Each Waayoo Winter Training Program 2012-13

To Get a Discount upto 100%

Winter Training Programs are scheduled for

  • DEC 2012,
  • JAN 2013,
  • FEB 2013.

Waayoo is offering Winter Training Program for Working Professionals and college students in following Technologies & Fields

• Autonomous Robotics
• Humanoid Robotics
• Robotic Arm Desing
• Quadrocopter UAV
• Vision Robotics
• GPS/GSM Robotics
Electronics & Embedded Design
• Embedded System
• Advanced Embedded Design
• Digital Signal Processing
• Digital Filter Design
• Linux Administration
• Linux System Programming
• Linux Device Drivers
• Embedded Linux with ARM
• RTOS RTLinux
• Android Mobile Application Development
• Android System Programming
Web & Software Development
• Java & GWT Development
• ASP.net & C# Development
• PHP based Development
• Website Designing Package
• MATLAB & Simulink
• Image Processing with MATLAB
• Image Processing with OpenCV
CAD & Design
• Autocad
• Catia
For more information about Winter Training Program Visit:
To Get a Coupon Contact Waayoo Offices
call us at +91 9807507429, 9616420235 or send email to:contact@waayoo.com
visit website: www.waayoo.com or www.facebook.com/waayoodotcom
Lucknow Main Office:
Waayoo.com,LGF 11/12,
Narayan Plaza,Near Domino’s Pizza,
Engineering College Chauraha,
Lucknow,Uttar Pradesh.

08 Nov


Free Workshop with Certification


Free Practical Oriented Workshops at Lucknow Center
November 2012
10 Nov -Embedded System and Linux System Programming
11 Nov -Robotics and Android Mobile Application Developement

For registration fill the form at http://register.waayoo.com

Kindly mention all information correctly and do not forget to write the workshop name along with the workshop date in the Course Information.

For any query feel free to call us at +91 9616420235, 9807507429 or
send email to contact@waayoo.com

18 Sep

New Schedule for Free Weekends Wokshop by Waayoo


Free Practical Workshops by Waayoo at Lucknow Center.

September 2012 Schedule
 15 Sept Robotics, Embedded System
 16 Sept Android Mobile Application Development, Web Application Development with PHP
 22 Sept Autonomous Robotics, Embedded System Design
23 Sept Linux System Programming, Web Application Development with Java + GWT
 29 Sept Vision Robotics, MATLAB
 30 Sept Autocad, Android Mobile Application Development
October 2012 Schedule
 6 Oct
Arduino Workshop, Wireless Robotics
7 Oct
Android Mobile Application Development, Linux Pogramming
13 Oct
USB Design with PIC Micro and .Net,  Gesture Controllable System Design
14 Oct Hibernate and Spring- Enterprise Web Development,  PHP advanced and Social Networking
20 Oct Bluetooth and Microcontroller based design,  Zigbee Communication
21 Oct Android Mobile Application Workshop,  Linux Programming
27 Oct VHDL Workshop,  PLC Automation Workshop
28 Oct Embedded Linux,  Linux Kernel Development

New schedule for Free Weekends Workshops by Waayoo in  September  and October 2012.  For registration fill the form at http://register.waayoo.com

 Kindly mention all information correctly and do not forget to write the workshop name along with the workshop date in the Course Information

For any query feel free to call us at +91 9616420235, 9807507429 or send email to contact@waayoo.com