16 Nov

WADNROID demostrating in a College on 30th Oct 2012

WADNROID Demonstration
WANDROID a robot from Waayoo.com had a demostration in ITM college lucknow on 30th Oct 2012.

Students from ITM learned about advanced robotic system and its applications in consumer world by interacting with various Waayoo Robots.


Technical Features of W-Android-
. W-Android is developed for Telepurchase marketing.
. W-Android can walk,talk,respond to your questions and many other
things it can do.
. We can Control this robot by wireless remote or Android phone.
. Arm processing,Obstacle avoidance,voice recording and other mechanisms
are used to build this robot.
. MicroController,Sensors,LCD Displays,I/O and Sensors Interfacing,
Infra red Sensors,Stepper & Servo Motor Controlling with microcontroller
are used in W-Android.
. Programming of W-Android Robot in Embedded C,Controlling LCD, SSD,
Real World Interfacing to microcontroller and Advanced Programming Concept is used.
. Ultrasonic Transmitter Reciever is used to Control W-Android via remote .

To invite Waayoo: call at +91 9807507429, 9616420235 or send email to: contact@waayoo.com
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To join waayoo winter training progrm visit:www.wtp.waayoo.com

16 Nov

Waayoo Announces Winter Training Program 2012-13 in Lucknow and NCR


Waayoo announces Winter Training Program 2012-13 in Lucknow and NCR


Waayoo Winter Training Programs are 15 days(45 hours) long, practical approach based Training Programs offered by Waayoo in several cities and colleges across India.
Waayoo Winter Training Programs are conducted in the month of November, December, January & February.
Waayoo WTP provides you a quick way to learn latest technologies through our efficiently designed program curriculum and practical approach based training.

Winter Training Program are offered in following Technologies & Fields

Electronics & Embedded Design
CAD & Design

Fill the form online or download and send a scanned copy of completely
filled form to register@waayoo.com
Note down the registration Id for future reference. Registration Id will
be genereated automatically in case of online form submission at waayoo website or will be provided by waayoo in case of the form is sent via mail.
For further you have two options -
Complete the Registration To complete the registration, you have to pay the Training fee to waayoo. For Fee Details please visit desire training program.
Reserve your Seat If you just need to reserve your seat now. You can pay the ammount Rs 500/- to Waayoo. Waayoo will reserve your seat for the upcoming training programs.
After payment please provide the Payment Details along with your Registration Id to register@waayoo.com
For Payment Options click here – Payment Options
Contact Waayoo

Contact Nos -
+91 9616420235, 9807507429
 Email Id -
General Queries – contact@waayoo.com,
Registration – register@waayoo.com,
Waayoo Support – support@waayoo.com (Only for former Waayoo Candidates),
For Kit/Components and other Sales Orders
+91 9027726241sales@waayoo.com
Winter Training Camps in -
NCR, Dehradun, Roorkee, Chandigarh & Lucknow.
Contact Waayoo for more details.

16 Nov

Free Practical Oriented Workshop on 18th & 25th Nov 2012

Free Practical Oriented Workshop


Free Practical Oriented Workshops at Lucknow Center
November 2012
18th Nov -Android Mobile Application Developement
25th Nov -Embedded System Design
For registration fill the form at http://register.waayoo.com

For any query feel free to call us at +91 9616420235, 9807507429
or send email to contact@waayoo.com

Kindly mention all information correctly and do not forget to write the workshop name along with the workshop date in the Course Information



15 Nov

Bring a coupon of Waayoo & Get Discount up to 100%

Bring Coupon of Waayoo and Get  Discount on Each Waayoo Winter Training Program 2012-13

To Get a Discount upto 100%

Winter Training Programs are scheduled for

  • DEC 2012,
  • JAN 2013,
  • FEB 2013.

Waayoo is offering Winter Training Program for Working Professionals and college students in following Technologies & Fields

• Autonomous Robotics
• Humanoid Robotics
• Robotic Arm Desing
• Quadrocopter UAV
• Vision Robotics
• GPS/GSM Robotics
Electronics & Embedded Design
• Embedded System
• Advanced Embedded Design
• Digital Signal Processing
• Digital Filter Design
• Linux Administration
• Linux System Programming
• Linux Device Drivers
• Embedded Linux with ARM
• RTOS RTLinux
• Android Mobile Application Development
• Android System Programming
Web & Software Development
• Java & GWT Development
• ASP.net & C# Development
• PHP based Development
• Website Designing Package
• MATLAB & Simulink
• Image Processing with MATLAB
• Image Processing with OpenCV
CAD & Design
• Autocad
• Catia
For more information about Winter Training Program Visit:
To Get a Coupon Contact Waayoo Offices
call us at +91 9807507429, 9616420235 or send email to:contact@waayoo.com
visit website: www.waayoo.com or www.facebook.com/waayoodotcom
Lucknow Main Office:
Waayoo.com,LGF 11/12,
Narayan Plaza,Near Domino’s Pizza,
Engineering College Chauraha,
Lucknow,Uttar Pradesh.