18 Sep

New Schedule for Free Weekends Wokshop by Waayoo


Free Practical Workshops by Waayoo at Lucknow Center.

September 2012 Schedule
 15 Sept Robotics, Embedded System
 16 Sept Android Mobile Application Development, Web Application Development with PHP
 22 Sept Autonomous Robotics, Embedded System Design
23 Sept Linux System Programming, Web Application Development with Java + GWT
 29 Sept Vision Robotics, MATLAB
 30 Sept Autocad, Android Mobile Application Development
October 2012 Schedule
 6 Oct
Arduino Workshop, Wireless Robotics
7 Oct
Android Mobile Application Development, Linux Pogramming
13 Oct
USB Design with PIC Micro and .Net,  Gesture Controllable System Design
14 Oct Hibernate and Spring- Enterprise Web Development,  PHP advanced and Social Networking
20 Oct Bluetooth and Microcontroller based design,  Zigbee Communication
21 Oct Android Mobile Application Workshop,  Linux Programming
27 Oct VHDL Workshop,  PLC Automation Workshop
28 Oct Embedded Linux,  Linux Kernel Development

New schedule for Free Weekends Workshops by Waayoo in  September  and October 2012.  For registration fill the form at http://register.waayoo.com

 Kindly mention all information correctly and do not forget to write the workshop name along with the workshop date in the Course Information

For any query feel free to call us at +91 9616420235, 9807507429 or send email to contact@waayoo.com

13 Sep

Weekend Training Programs in Robotics, Embedded Design, MATLAB, Linux System Programming, Android Mobile Application Development, Web Application Development


Waayoo is offering weekend (Saturday, Sunday) training programs(50 hours) for working professionals and College Students in following  Technologies

Robotics  – Waayoo gathers many students from all over India for high level Robotics Trainings as the things offered by us are very much unique in itself. Currently we are offering following Robotics Training Programs (Click to go for detailed content below)

Electronics & Embedded Design – For Electronics background students Waayoo is offering following training programs with project oriented approach.

Linux and System Programming

Android and Web Application Development

For more information Contact Waayoo.com at +91 9616420235/9807507429 or send email to contact@waayoo.com

Useful Links – www.waayoo.com

Facebook – facebook.com/waayoodotcom

08 Sep

Free Workshops at Waayoo Lucknow Center

Free Workshop -:
Waayoo presents Free Workshops on every Weekends Saturday & Sunday.
Join Now to learn new Technologies.Register Now. Limited Seats!

Workshop Schedule

Visit Waayoo Lucknow center and confirm your seat today.

Alternatively you can register at http://register.waayoo.com and write Free Workshop – workshop name in the course info. while filling the online form.

For more information Call +91 9616420235, 9807507429
or send Email to contact@waayoo.com


03 Sep

Waayoo Student Coordinator Program 2012-2013

Waayoo Student Coordinator

Waayoo Student Coordinators are a direct link between Students and Waayoo, who are alloted by Waayoo on Institute basis with a max. no. of  4 in a particular Institute. There is no special criteria for the selection of coordinators. Any student who is interested can be a part of it by simply filling a Waayoo Coordinator Form.


Sincerity and dedication of students in their respective field is the only thing which waayoo take in to account for the selection of coordinators.

There are 2 scheme for the College Coordinators -:

  • Silver Coordinators 
  • Gold Coordinators
Silver Coordinators – When you apply for a coordinator, you start as a Silver Coordinator.
Tasks of Silver Coordinators Includes -
  • Providing Waayoo’s Latest Information about new products, Training & Workshop programs to your college, department and Colleagues.
  • Organizing Waayoo Workshops in various Technologies at waayoo centers and your college/department.

Benefits for Silver Coordinators 

  • Silver Coordinator can take part in any 2 of the Waayoo Training & Development Programs for free.
  • Waayoo support for you to work on your Ideas or Project.
  • If Silver Coordinator performs well, he/she can be a Gold Coordinator
Tasks of Gold Coordinators Includes -
  • Managing Silver Coordinators in your institute.
  • Inspiring your junior colleagues to work in a better and efficient way towards technology
  • Organizing various Waayooo Events/Competitions/Workshops

Benefits for Gold Coordinators 

  • Gold Coordinator can work with Waayoo as an Intern, which facilitate them to get an experience letter of parent  company Vaskoe Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
  • Waayoo support for you to work on your Ideas or Project.
  • Join any 2 of  Waayoo’s Advanced Training/Workshops for free.


For more information –  send email to contact@waayoo.com or call us at +91 9616420235, 9807507429