12 Apr

Summer Training 2012 on Embedded System, Embedded Robotics, Computer Vision, Linux System Programming, Linux Device Driver Development, Web Application Development

Humanoid Robot Development Program

This Summer Break All Records! 

Build Your Own Humanoid Robot 

Learn, Experiment & Enjoy with Waayoo 

First Time in India, a program of its own kind
  • Biologically Inspired Robotics Concepts
  • Artificial Intelligent Robotics Introduction
  • Targeting Humanoid- Basic Mechanics, Robotics Simulation Tool, Building Model
  • Joints Mechanism, Servo Motor Mechanism and Servo Control
  • Basic Electronics, Embedded System Control, Sensor Design, Working on Sound Recording for Humanoid
  • Humanoid Building, Path Controlling, Humanoid Competition
  • Training & Project Certification from Vaskoe Technologies Private Limited
Detailed Content
Part I
  • Introduction to Robotics
  • Why Biologically inspired Robotics?
  • Humanoids Introduction
  • Basic Mechanics involved
  • Understanding Revolute, Prismatic Joints
  • Forwards and Inverse Kinematics
  • Working on Advanced Robotics Simulation Tool
  • Understanding Motors – Stepper and Servo
  • Servo Mechanism and Control
Part II
  • Essential Electronics
  • Understanding Sensors
  • Making your own IR based Sensor
  • Understanding Sound IC
  • Making a Voice Playback System
  • Introducing Embedded System Control
  • Autonomous Robotics Concepts
  • Programming your Robot in Embedded C
  • Controlling LCD, SSD, Real World Interfacing to microcontroller
  • Driving Servo Motor
  • Multiple Servo Controlling Issue
  • Multi-channel PWM and Servo Controller
  • Driving multiple Servo Motors
Part III
  • Developing Humanoid Joints
  • Servo Brackets and Connection Types
  • Degree of Freedom
  • Combining the Servos to develop the Humanoid Structure
  • Programming the Humanoid Robot
Part IV
  • Understanding Humanoid Algorithms
  • Advanced Programming for Humanoid Movements
  • Attaching Distance Sensors to Humanoid
  • Avoiding Obstacles while move
  • Participating in the competition
  • Future Scope
Training Fee – Rs 6500/- Only
Discount –  Applicable to previous waayoo candidates
                  Applicable in a group of 6
Accomodation – Available on Request (Separate charges applicable)
Note – During Training Programs Waayoo provides all kind of kits/components and parts used to build the Humanoid,circuits and models. Kit/Parts can be purchased during training or later from Waayoo’s online shop
How to Register  -visit http://www.waayoo.com for any query and Registration process or call us at +91 9616420235